How to build a

Highly Profitable

Real Estate


Without working 60+ Hours a week

Welcome to a

NEW real estate business model…

The REAL secret to making $$$ in real estate, right now, TODAY… regardless of what all the Real Estate Guru's are trying to sell you on... you'll never guess but I've designed a Sales Funnel just for you and your business.

If you have been following for a while you know I'll be quite candid here... Honestly It's not a result of:

  • ​Tedious Door Knocking

  • ​Rapid Dial Cold Calling

  • 60+ Hour Work Weeks

  • Thousand Of Dollars In Ad Spend

  • ​Or Any Other Approach To Prospecting

Regardless if you are "New" in the business or you are 5 years in.

The ONE and ONLY way of setting yourself up for SUCCESS is by creating a sales funnel that I call the "X-Funnel".

The X-Funnel


that keeps on giving organically, year-after-year, so you don’t have to stress where your next deal will come from.

It's all about the systems you implement and then executing them. Everyone has great suggestions but has anyone ever showed you EXACTLY what it is your implementing? Or... How to even go about it?

It's crazy... but listen, not only do I know it works, I’ve done it!

In fact, I've fined tuned it for the past 17 years… and have consistently enjoyed a multi 6-figure salary with my repeat/referral database which is exactly what you set out to build, right?

I'm so excited because... Finally, I get to share it with all of you and the best part is I believe you can do this too.

The X-Funnel

focus on this ONE thing

Creating your X-Funnel for Ultimate Sales. A systemized Sales Funnel that's structured to lead your client from prospect to closing with SUCCESS.... THAT’S IT!

You don’t need years of sales experience or “Top-Producer” status to achieve SUCCESS in real estate. (If you have been following along on my platforms, you know this to be true!)

So, if you want a simple, step-by-step framework of how to build a massively successful real estate business...

  • ​If you want to be self-sustaining, have control over your income, your time, and be your own boss…

  • ​If you want a recession proof strategy to making consistent income…

  • ​​If you want a PROVEN system to grow your business FASTER than you thought possible…

  • And, you’re ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL… and make this year your BEST YEAR EVER…

Then You Need


and you need this course for the framework & training.

Show Up is so specific, right down to your 24 touch-campaign for your Closed Clients designed to repeat, year after year.

Show Up is the proven, step-by-step formula to launch a successful, full-time real estate business...

Even if you have no sales experience, no clients you're currently working and no clue, HOW TO GET STARTED. Let's be honest, no one is really sharing ALL of this!

For 3 reasons...




Here’s What’s

Inside Show Up X-Funnel…

  • Quickly build a database of hot-and-ready-to-go leads who actually want to work with you. Through SOI, lead magnets, social media, prospecting and so much more. I'll teach you the "How To Do" not just the "What To Do" for Real Estate.

  • Take control of your time, money and work environment so you can feel happy and fulfilled in BOTH your career and personal life (because you CAN have it all).

  • Know what to say and how to say it is most important. How can you possibly communicate effectively if you haven't mastered these skills.

  • Create a winning sales process that actually converts. This is the training EVERY Realtor needs when they become a licensed professional, yet... nobody teaches it. You'll never have to wonder what you should be doing next again.

  • Do you have a specific process for your offers and negotiations? What do you say to them? Learn how to set expectations to lead your client through the sales process effectively and increase your conversion rate.

  • Set your business up for success with your X-Funnel so you never have to stress when your next deal will close. Filling the pipeline and setting it up on repeat is key. I'll be there to help you build it every step of the way!


Hello there! I’m Nicole Briggs, a.k.a. Nikki B. I’m a 17 year Realtor®, Team Lead, Business Professional and Realtor Mentor. I teach women like you how to level up your business, make a six-figure salary in real estate and SHOW UP for your family and personal life.

When I first started real estate, I had the hardest time leaving my family. Working 12+ hour days with nothing to show for it, meanwhile missing out on milestone moments with my kids made me realize something: there just had to be an easier way.

After years of trudging through the daily grind, I discovered a system that has sustained my career and my family, allowing me to work more efficiently and be the mom I felt my kids deserved. To become the successful Realtor and Mom I knew I could be.

Now, it’s my mission to help women like you transform your Real Estate career into a purpose driven, sustainable and successful business fueled by repeat/referral customers AND still have the freedom and the time to do the things you love.

I believe it doesn’t have to be either, or. You can have it all. And I'll show you how.


week 1


You can’t achieve great things, if you can’t imagine it first! In week one, we’re going to work on mindset and getting crystal clear on exactly what you want your future in real estate to look like. If you can’t see it, how can you possibly expect to achieve it?

week 2


Week two is where you will receive the building blocks to your Evergreen Business and begin implementing your X-Funnel. In a nutshell, this is where I’ll teach you how to set yourself up for Success from the very beginning!

week 3


Then, in week 3, we’ll dive into how working a 40+ hour work week is actually hurting you… and what to do instead! I show you how to plan your days, efficiency strategies and how to track your efforts so you’re always improving. How about 25 hours a week... I'll show you how to implement this and STILL get your work done! Those of you Mom's out there being everything for everyone, this is for you!

week 4


Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and put it to action! Week 4 is all about developing a winning sales presentation for BOTH your buyers and sellers that actually converts. I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to communicate, present and, of course, CLOSE the deal with confidence (and get a signed contract by the end).

week 5


In week 5, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of offer strategies and negotiations where you’ll learn all things contracts, negotiations, escalation clauses and how to systemize your transactions so they run smoothly and efficiently. This is a HUGE time saver, YOU will better understand how to create more time to do more of what you love with the people you love the most.

week 6


Finally, in week 6, we'll be recapping the X-Funnel Experience with the sale AFTER the sale. Which basically means you'll be learning how to nurture closed clients in your X-Funnel and pave the path for repeat/referral business so your biz can grow organically, easily and EXPONENTIALLY.

You'll Get The Complete, Step-by-step System To Creating A Full-time Real Estate Business, So You Can Have The Financial Freedom To Live Life On Your Own Terms.


OVER $6200

Bonus 01

Intro To Working With Investors

In a shifting market, the greatest asset you can have is experience with investment properties.

In this bonus module, you'll receive the exact strategies and scripts I've used for over 17 years when working with investors and how to implement these tactics in your own market.

By the end, you'll know how to calculate the cap rate in your sleep and become the investor's choice agent.

This niche is something most agents don't understand, nor do they teach. I'm giving you my best presentation for Investors and how to have 10 go-to Investors in your back pocket at all times.

Bonus 02

Social Media Strategies for Realtors

Regardless of how you feel about social media, it IS the landscape of our modern lives.

It IS how you are going to connect, network, and engage with hot and ready clients on a larger scale.

And it IS how you’re going to keep up in a market that has forever changed how we will reach our clients.

So, you better hop on board…

In this bonus module, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to use social media to grow your business FASTER than ever just by using a few simple strategies.

(and no, you don’t need a professional social media manager or designer to do this. I’ll show you the EASY way of crushing the IG game & FB Social Game - without the hassle.)

Bonus 03

Marketing + Branding for Realtors

When you invest today, you’re also getting insider info on my fool-proof approach to marketing and branding that WON’T make you feel like a slimy salesperson.

This bonus course is meant to guide you step-by-step through creating a marketing campaign that actually converts and how to build a brand message that speaks to your target audience.

By the end, you’ll know who your target audience is and exactly how to reach them in a way that connects and converts.

Bonus 04

Top Tech Tools for Realtors

I’m not exactly “techy,”… But there are a few tools that are a MUST in order to run a more efficient and effective RE business.

This bonus lesson will outline my top-rated tech tools, which will save you loads of time (and the hassle)

It was designed to ensure you have complete confidence in applying the most important tools needed to have success in your business.

Bonus 05

2 LIVE group coaching calls with Nicole

When you enroll in Show Up today, you’ll get access to two PRIVATE GROUP video coaching calls with ME personally as a special bonus gift because I REALLY want to see you succeed.

It’s important for me to actually get to know you and answer your questions along the way.

Because I really do care… And I know you have it in you.

But here’s the thing… spots are limited because I really want to give students the special 1-on-1 attention they deserve.

Show Up X-Funnel For

Ultimate Sales

With nikki b

Show Up X-Funnel

The Mastery Course For Women In Real Estate


Here’s how it works:

If Show Up doesn’t give you the framework and strategies you need to build the successful real estate business you hoped for, then I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Yep… that’s right!

You’re protected by my 14-day “Zero Risk” money-back guarantee. Just drop me an email, and you’ll get 100% of your investment back.

No questions… No hassle… Sound good?

Show Up $997

Over 91% Off The Total Course Price Of $11,200

  • Module #1 The Greatest Influencer $497

  • Module #2 Getting Started in Real Estate $497

  • Module #3 Time Management $997

  • Module #4 A Winning Sales Presentation $997

  • Module #5 Offer Strategies + Negotiations $497

  • Module #6 The Sale After The Sale $1497





Here's What Some Of My Clients


Feature Headline

So glad I found you. Right to the point! Love that.


Feature Headline

You were so inspiring! Can't wait to learn and APPLY/IMPLEMENT!


Feature Headline

I was in your class the other day, and you definitely motivated me!


No matter what your opinions are on digital marketing, it's become the beating heart of today's competitive business world.

It's the way you'll innovate, adapt, and thrive in an environment that's always on the move.

It's how you'll stand out in a crowd that's constantly evolving and ever-demanding for something unique.

So, buckle up and grab your seat...

In this exclusive guide, I'll be taking you through the thrilling journey of online marketing, DEMYSTIFYING the SEO maze & the PPC challenge - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

(and guess what, you don't need to be a tech wizard or have a giant budget to master this. I'm here to reveal the SMART way of dominating the online space - effortless and effective.)

Show Up X-Funnel

The Mastery Course For Women In Real Estate

Show Up $997

Over 91% Off The Total Course Price Of $11,200

  • Bonus #1 Intro To Working with Investors $ 1497.00

  • Bonus #2 Social Media For Realtors $ 1295.00

  • Bonus #3 Marketing Online For Realtors $ 1495.00

  • Bonus #4 Top Tech Tools For Realtors $ 997.00

  • Bonus #5 Two Live Group Coaching Calls $ 997.00



TOTAL COST OF $11,278.00



As If This Wasn't Enough,

i'm offering you some incredible bonuses no one else is sharing about investors, socail media, tech tools and more!

  • With the course alone, I'll show you how to build your duplicatable X-Funnel to convert your clients year after year.

  • ​Additionally, how to generate the income you know you want and you know you deserve.

  • A complete framework right down to where to start, what to say, how to present, how to close your clients and last but not least how to set it up to put them on repeat, so you never lose a client again.

  • We'll be going in depth on how to work with Investors.

  • Building rapport and creating a go to list of "ready to go" clients is what we call a "DREAM List".

  • ​The Social Media, Brand Marketing and Brand Messaging bonuses literally go hand in hand.

  • The information and process you'll go through here will give you clarity and a direction so you can step in front of your Customers & Community by adding value to their daily lives.

  • ​When the time comes for them to make a move, you'll be top of mind with this action plan you'll implement with ease.

  • ​The 2-Live Coaching calls with me, is where we will dive a bit deeper into your business. I'm going to commit to "Show Up" for you along the way.

  • ​I'll be sending you a questionnaire about your business ahead of time so when we meet, we hit the ground running.

  • You already know I'm all about efficiency. Submit your question ahead of time so we can get you one step closer to your next closing. I got you!


I Just Got Licensed Where Do I Begin?

Laying the foundation for a highly successful business in real estate begins with your Database, putting in place the right system from the beginning is where you will nurture, build and grow a repeating and referring business.

I Have Been In The Re Biz For Several Years - Is Show Up! For Me?

Fine tuning your systems to become more efficient or revamping your system to change as our industry is moving at a much faster pace. I too have been in the RE business for many years and TOTALLY know what you’re going through. As the tech in our industry continues to change we need to change along with it and get ahead of curve by implementing systems that actually convert, this is what the Show Up Course will teach you.

I Just Got My Re License - Is Show Up! For Me?

Absolutely! In fact, you’re probably at an advantage! No bad habits to break, no high expectations to meet and your enthusiasm for this business will never be as high as it is now. Start your business off on the right foot with a framework to build your business and learn how to build and grow your business without all the mistakes...

How Is This Program Different Than Your Other Free Resources?

While my free resources are super helpful, they exactly don’t reach the depth my courses do. In Show Up I’ll be diving right in and giving you all my tips & tricks, deepest secrets, & trademark methods to take you from living paycheck-to-paycheck to being able to generate consistent income month after month using these methods I outline in the course. The Free resources also don't give you 1 on 1 access to my calendar, training and coaching during the 6 week course

How Do I Manage Family And Real Estate? I Find It Hard To Do Both Without Neglecting Family Or Not Generating Enough Business.

Time management is one of the biggest skills you will master. Understanding what needs to be done every day and what you can hand off to someone else is going to be key. I teach you how to become relentless with your time with regard to money-generating activities vs. time sucks. Time is one of the things you just can't get back, so it is imperative to create the right framework and systems which are necessary to do multiple transactions at a time, continue to prospect to keep the pipeline full and delegate the pieces of the real estate that can be handed off or automated. In addition, crucial conversations with your family with regards to your real estate business so they don't end up hating your cell phone every time you take a call. It isn't about creating balance, more over, it's about becoming centered.

How Do I Generate Leads Online Through Social Media?

Building a social media presence and then extracting leads from your engagers is just one way to use Social Media as a lead source. It is about showing up for them consistently with massive value in your content. Implementing my content strategies and tracking insights is the fast track to building your presence online and turning followers into customers.

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